a4555aa72293875a1cee51fa312a35929c1b4709The thing that I love the most about fashion is thatit gives you the ability to tell the world who you are without even opening your mouth. Fashion gives you the freedom to express your mood, and even gives you the power to change how you feel.

What made me truly fall in love with fashion is the fact that when a woman puts on a beautiful dress and a pair of high heels, she can instantly transform into a goddess. Im going to go a bit back in time, but the perfect example is the Princess Diaries. As soon as Anne Hathaway aka "Princess Mia" put on the beautiful clothes, she instantly transformed from aschleppy "nerd" to a princess. It is the same way in real life. I believe that we should all dress in a way that shows our personal spirit, and enables us to shine.
The beauty of fashion is that it is always changing, evolving, and expanding-just like us. My favorite thing about working with clients as a stylist is that I am able to help people take a trend and make it their own. You can take a look that you see in #Lucky Magazine and make it uniquely yours by pairing the item you love from the magazine with your Grandma's vintage necklace and your favorite pair of heels that you have had for 10 years. If there is a look you love, try it! Do not ever be afraid to try a look that is bold and makes a statement. After all, it is so much more fun to put together an outfit that starts a conversation, than to be lost in the crowd.


p.s. These have been styled by me, photographed by Kara Starzyk.