I suppose this is what you call a throwback. This was taken during a tour atop a double decker bus at the San Diego zoo. This was probably as close to Baroque as it's going to get; at least in my closet of endless neutrals that I've accumulated over the years. I'm proud to say that 75% of this outfit was the easiest on my wallet.

Other than baroque, black and oxblood on rotation, red and nude are also a reachable color scheme that I've been craving for. Although, I try not to be trend hungry, especially with today's fast fashion and attempt to invest in pieces that would translate well throughout the seasons, it's something I've been starting to lust for.

Aside from that, I've been searching for the most durable and my next go-to bag to add to my wish list since my current ones are falling apart. Sad face. If you have any suggestions, let me know! I tend to gravitate to neutral purses that are big enough to carry the quirky bits and bobs that end up in my bag. I've also been debating on giving knapsacks a chance too!

What's on your wish list?
Au revoir.