Well the '90's ear cuff trend has returned with a vengeance. And the trend is literally taking over...

[top row] ASOS 1, 2, 3  [bottom row] Chanel SS '2012 


I must say, I am completely on the fence with this full ear cuff trend.. I mean, it completely takes statement jewelry to a whole new level. BUT, [in my opinion] it can go 1 of 2 ways... It can either look incredibly cool & innovative OR it can make you look like a very confused Spock...


Awesome or Absurd?

You be the judge.

Check out these full ear cuffs I found below & let me know your thoughts...

Side note: I was totally that little '90's brat rocking the jagged little pill era single ear cuff. And I'm not sure whether this is considered sad or awesome, but Claire's is still selling the same exact ear cuff I used to wear. Hmmm