this month’s birchbox theme was “beauty school”. since it is back to school season, birchbox decided to refill our beauty supply kit’s with new problem solving products to get us through fall. here is what i got…along with my thoughts about each product:

schick hydro silk razor: is it weird that i only use daisy razors? and it can’t be any ol’ pink razor…it HAS to be daisy razors. fancy schmancy ones like these always freak me out because i almost ALWAYS cut my knees if i use a razor with too many blades. this will get used but it will be in my toiletry bag for vacation use.

comodynes self tanning intensive: i have been using tan towels forever so i am looking forward to giving these a try. the golden packaging makes you (or at least me) believe you are going to look like a golden sun goddess. sadly i am currently using a super strong cream on my chest to remove pre-cancerous cells so i can’t try these until my skin heals. btw, if anyone has used carac (fluorouracil) cream…i’d love to hear about your experience. supposedly my skin is going to look like a disaster but it hasn’t gotten bad yet. =(

comodynes hydra tanning face moisturizing summer glow: also just started a new skin care routine…this time with the help of a dermatologist so again i don’t want to use these until my skin gets acclimated to all of the recent changes. i’ll update you in a separate post about my new routine soon.

beauty fixation makeup remover: i usually just smear oil of olay on the back of my hand and use a q-tip to remove any leftover mascara but i did like the ease of these pre-filled swabs. just snap the tip and swipe away any unwanted makeup. kinda fun to use.

juicy couture viva la juicy la fluer perfume: i am not a huge perfume fan so i’ll be giving this away. although i did recently get introduced to these perfumed towelettes and i am OBSESSED so go figure.

DDF brightening cleanser: as i mentioned earlier, i just switched up my skin care routine so i am going to hold onto this for later use. “brightening” has me intrigued though!

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