As we shiver our way through below freezing temps it is hard to not lust after all the pretty spring pieces in the windows of our favorite stores and the weather that goes with those pretty spring pieces. I am personally looking forward to the days when I don't have to spend a half an hour putting on my winter gear. 

Since we can't exactly fast forward out of this weather here are some ideas on how to style spring pieces for now and later. 

This top from Forever 21 will look great in the spring but it can be styled for now and the summer as well.
For now pair it with a black suit and some fun pumps. The layers will keep you cozy and this is a great way to add a punch of color under an otherwise boring black suit. If you want a more casual look swap the black pants for jeans. 
Once spring rolls around we will all be extremely eager to bring out our lighter and brighter pieces. Pairing this top with a pair of white jeans and bright pumps will be a great way to celebrate longer and brighter days. 
For summer throw this on over a swimsuit and a pair of denim shorts and head to your closest shore. 


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