As you may recall from Twitter a few weeks back, my friend, Rose, and I headed up-state! We took a gorgeous train ride up the Hudson to a little town called Poughkeepsie to do the “Walkway Over The Hudson.” (See Rose’s recap here!)

It was so fun to get out of the city for the day and do some exploring. While the town wasn’t as lively as we hoped and the leaves weren’t as in color as we would have liked, it was still a very worthwhile trip! Not to mention, we found a wonderful little lunch spot, Soul Dog Cafe. You must stop by if you’re in town!

J.Crew Sweater (similar) / Nordstrom Scarf (Softest scarf I own… Comes in every color imaginable!) / BDG Jeans / Steve Madden Boots (identical pair under $35!) / Cole Haan Bag / J.Crew Bracelet / Michael Kors Watch / gifted Poshlocket Bracelet / J.Crew Bracelet (similar)

Anddddd… One last picture to brighten up your hump day. I wanted to throw Rose off the bridge (kidding!) for taking a picture from this angle (worst angle EVER!), but the picture is just too funny. Bows & Sequins meets the Jolly Green Giant. Be sure to say hi to my double chin…

See, what did I tell you? Worst angle ever!

PS – I will post my scenic pictures at a later date, I promise! :)