Sweater: Loft  |  Dress: H&M  |  Belt: thrifted  |  Shoes: Zara

I'm excited to introduce to you my all-time favorite pair of shoes that ever existed ever. And I know, I know, they're actually from Zara Spring 2012, but let me tell you about this... I took forever to realize that I wanted to actually spend the money to buy them, and by the time I had made up my mind, of course, they were sold out. So over the last year or so, I've been glancing at eBay every now and then to try to find my size and win those suckers. After watching an auction for a week straight and doing all of the things you're supposed to do to win, I FREAKING LOST at the last second and I had a short-lived freak out. Andrew's used to those by now... I say that it's the worst day of my life for a half-hour or so, and then I get over it. Eventually another pair popped up, and believe-you-me, there was no way I was gonna lose those, NO WAY! So here they are! And you bet your bottom dollar that you're gonna see these beauties pretty often. They go with everything. 

This could be my last winter-ish post for a while (wishful thinking on my part, you never know with Oklahoma weather) but hopefully I can start to post some more summery things. Although I really think my fall/winter wardrobe is better than my summer wardrobe, I think I just really like the option of layering, which is definitely not an option when it's 100+ degrees outside. We'll see!

P.S. If in my next post, my fingers and toes aren't painted... then... I'll be really disappointed in myself.