The warmth of the sun on a cold winter's day.


Apricity is one of those words representing such a characteristic, clean-cut and specific occasion proving the observance of human kind. The feel of winter is vivid in the arctic hues surrounding me , the late dawns awakening me and the cold breath brushing me. It's a beautiful feeling when the temperature is in the bone chilling low teens yet you feel sunshine. I haven't worn a blouse in a while , my textiles of choice have been knit, wool, cashmere and anything that insulates me using duck feathers. and FLEECE oh yea tons of FLEECE … can you blame me . I wouldn't say I've gotten lazy with my attire , I have just started to realize I am an ornament of my environment and I should compliment it well by being as cozy as possible.

there's still tons to do in the winter , stay active , stay social , stay motivated . What I'm saying is that when your walking to get your morning cup of joe, take time to appreciate the APRICITY you are presently feeling. Take in that Vitamin D






visuals : Carlis
jacket : zara , bag: Coach , boots: mini market , pants; helmet lang , shades: le spec , dress : target