False Eye Liners

I have tested something new, I don´t use to test this kind of things but this so called Tattoo Eye Liner Im glad that I had test. Like the shape, there is alot of more shapes, colors and even Tattoo False Lashes.

They are so easy to put on, and remove also. You don´t need any makeup remover, they comes of easily without it - which I think its very good. No mess and its looks fine, they are very pretty and I adore them, so much that I want to have them all the time. They look so hot on, and they are so perfect to put on if you don´t like to spend so much time on your eyes, you can also have it on parties, or dinner - or just home if you want. They are perfect, and I recommend them to everyone who don´t want to spend alot of time to put eye liner on their eyes.

I bought the liners on milymakeup.com.

Have you ever tested Tattoo False Liners or similiar things?

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