Don't ever let your therapist know that when you find yourself at the highest of angers, you run to Target. Oh no, don't tell her that. Assuming it is a her. And assuming he or she would not like to be called an it. Either way, I headed out to get some coffee with a friend and I somehow ended up ranting about my bum boyfriend and grabbing copious amounts of nail polish from the Essie Holiday Collection rack. I ended up with maybe three. Three colors that slightly resemble others already at home. But hey, they need company in that turquoise pottery holder. (I find that Ikea still has NOT made a nail polish holder. Um, its almost 2013. Lets get on with it) 
How Could I have passed these up? Do you see this blue? Bluer than any rebellious, teenage boy of your dreams. Deeper than the sea of your target bearing soul. It had to be bought. This gorgeous color is called Butler Please. (Its a goal of mine to become one of the people that make up the name for these Essie polishes)  The silver is a perfect holiday polish. 'No Place like Chrome" Again, genius I tell you. Genius.

I may or may not have (May) refurbished some oxblood pumps. Ive been watching too much Gossip Girl lately, and Blair is running my life as she did those bitches on Constance's front steps. Literally, in the stores yesterday, I was feeling not very Chanel and more Mossimo.

I also added this little gem to my ever growing collection. I thought it would be a nice fall nude. Im not good at throwing away my brights for the fall. Who says you can bring some sunshine to the Winter season? Besides...its about seventy degrees out today. Im beginning to ponder if Global Warming is for the cold hearted girls benefit. I can live with this California weather, but I cant deal with those poor polar bears.

Also, not shown close up in pictures due to pure laziness, Milani Shadow Pallets is a fantastic investment  Endless colors to mix, lighten and darken. And a nice berry colored lipgloss for those days when my lips are just dying to get out from underneath the lipstick.