F21 top, Uniqlo coat , Thrifted flannel shirt, Vintage skirt and belt, Doc Martens boots

Yesterday I went exploring in Berkeley, and had some time to kill before my friends met up with me. Mark AKA The Culture Whore gave me a pocket book of Leonard Cohen poems and lyrics before I left New York, so I made good use of my idle time by reading and scribbling in it. I also went walking around, from Shattuck to Telegraph, and did a little shopping.

All of the houses are so picturesque in Berkeley. Each has an alley overflowing with vines, trees, and flowers that leads to a backyard or patio. How can someone not be tempted to follow an inviting path like that? I wanted to take photos, but the trespassing signs warded me off.

I'd like to share a poem with you by Cohen entitled, Poem

I heard of a man
who says words so beautifully
that if he only speaks their name
women give themselves to him.

If I am dumb beside your body
while silence blossoms like tumours on our lips
it's because I hear a man climb the stairs
and clear his throat outside our door

Photos shot by myself and Dillan Love.
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