Sweater & Beret: local store// Jeans: Mossimo// Coat: J Crew// Boots: Pull & Bear// Love ring: borrowed from sister

One of the things that make me happiest about winter is that I can use clothes that look like little creatures. Yes yes, fuzzy stuff! I think I told you in an old post that this sweater is special all on its own, and now I show you why. When I saw this hanging in a small stall in the market area around Leal Senado (main square), that was it - I fell in love. I begged my mom to buy me this, and voila.


Sweater + jeans + boots + coat, this has become my winter uniform. I wanted to show you the awesome sleeves, so that's why I took the coat off. But since I had on this thick fur-lined warmer courtesy of Leon's mom, this is probably the warmest outfit I have worn yet. 

Anyways, you with part time jobs, did you ever have an extremely difficult customer that you had to bite your lip from saying anything? Ugh. I had, and boy could I feel the vein in my temple throbbing so hard. Haiizz...sorry, but it was just a bad day. Hehe, have you ever experienced something similar? Let me know, See you soon, lovelies,

- Che


Photos by: Carla/John