Zara jacket & shorts
Vero Moda top
Steve Madden 'Grettta' heels (here)
Kenneth Cole watch (here)
COS bracelet

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One of the main topics when bloggers get together is the photo shoots. Most of us are lucky enough to have one person who takes all there pictures and oftentimes it's the boyfriend. In case you were wondering, and didn't already know, my trusty photographer is also my boyfriend. He is not a "real" photographer and doesn't care at all about taking pictures - he is just sweet enough to help me out (love you!). We have had many occasions where we were both so frustrated with each other (me: "You have to tell me when my face looks weird!", bf: "I can't look at everything, I already take the pictures! Let's just get it over with!!!") that we had to end our shoot early. Oh blogger problems! But, where I am going with this story, is that today he decided to give me some advice for a "model face". Ok, I look more moody than model-esque, but I was very happy to get some tips. After all, I can't see myself and I am not a model by any means, and I often end up shaking my head while going through my pictures. That's ok though, it's all part of the learning process and I have a nice archive full of silly pictures of myself. Perhaps they'll make it into a bloopers post some time...