Actress Augie Duke hit the red carpet for the movie premiere of Black Dahlia looking like a million bucks! Her color block siloutte in green and black is right on trend and super flattering. This dress is the perfect alternative to the "little black dress". Duke's stylist Ali Levine is a pro a pulling together Red Carpet looks, and put this fantastic look together. If you're like me, and don't have the luxury of a celebrity stylist at your disposal, here's how to steal Augie Duke's Red Carpet look:
Dress: Single Dress
Clutch: Cleobella
Bracelet: A.V. Max
Ring: Misa Jewelry
Shoes: Zack Lo

You don't need a red carpet to pull this look off. Take a tip from Augie, and consider an outfit like this for date night, a girls night out, or a night on the town!