I was totally going to write a story about the Oscar red carpet, Jennifer Lawrence's dress, Zumba, the NY?MILAN?LONDON?PARIS Fashion Weeks, and some other things- but then I got sidetracked. My favorite PR company, Promotion Factory, threw a party for JEANRICHARD watches, and their brand ambassador Captain Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger III.


There was a cocktail reception at Le Bain where we got to chill and see the watches, then a sit-down dinner in the High Line Room. So glam. They let us try on watches, and I greedily tried on two. My new goal in life is to own this 1681 watch, because it's gorgeous. It's going to be my 'I made it' symbol.


You can read more about the evening and see more photos at my NY Fashion and Trends Examiner column.