Roses are Red, Violets are Blue . . . Here is a Valentine's Day how-to! 
What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with strawberries, chocolate covered that is. 

I have been trying to figure out a Valentine's Day related post for over a week and it finally came to me when I saw my parents making chocolate covered strawberries. I wanted to give you something that I thought would be helpful for you guys celebrating, but also relatively easy and quick since time is of the essence. So I present to you a recipe/guide on how to make chocolate strawberries-one of the best way to express your love and the best part is it takes 5 steps and you probably have most of the ingredients. 

Strawberries ( We used extra large ones so we could get lots of chocolate)
Chocolate Fudge ( Mine is from Trader Joe's)
Tray ( a relatively large one or two depending on number of strawberries)
Small Pot
Wax Paper


     1. Place chocolate fudge into your small pot and set the stove on low (around 4) to warm the water     
        which will then warm the fudge. This takes around 20-25 minutes. 


     2. After 20-25 minutes, stir the fudge and see if it is syrupy. Make sure it is not too liquidly because
         it may not stick to the strawberries.


3. After stirring begin dipping your strawberries into the chocolate. You can choose how much you 
     want to cover the strawberries. I love chocolate so more is better. Allow the extra fudge to drip off. 


5. Place the chocolate strawberries on the tray with wax paper. Then place the tray into the refrigerator. 
    The chocolate will dry and freeze in about 2 hours. (If you do not have 2 hours, put them in the   
    freezer and constantly check them until they freeze). 


Voila! Now you have made the perfect strawberries for you to share with your loved one(s).  You can place them on a festive platter and display them or hide them until dessert as a surprise. Enjoy!

Do you like this recipe/food idea? Would you like to see more of this on the blog? Let me know if you use this idea!
Happy Tuesday!

p.s outfit post coming up so check out the blog a little later.