I had one hundred dollars. Banks rolling at age seventeen. My mom and I wandered (I say this as if we dont go here several times a week) into the mall with our heels clicking. I was on a mission. One that would cost me my life. Well,  my last hundred bucks. I wanted to spend my hard earned grandma-given money on something that I would adore for years. Somehow, I always ended up spending it on gorgeous, cheap pieces that fell apart in a few washes. (Watch out for the sale racks, they lie!) And the moral of this first paragraph would be the wise words of my fashionista mother. Dont go to the sale racks. 

    “Do you want Starbucks?”She asked, twirling her arm party around her thin wrists. 

I shook my head. “Cant possibly do that today darling, I have a mission.”I said this in my usual British accent (I am not from Britain  As we waited in line for her frozen drink, I completely forgot that my favorite Anthropologie was in this very mall. Waiting for my presence to walk in and grace its well decorated wooden walls. I anxiously grabbed my mom by her Jcrew hand and urged her into the store. 

The first thing I noticed was a tweed, navy blue blazer in the clearance section, staring at me with wide, golden button eyes. I walked over to it, brushing past all the other ignored items with greedy desires. It was so perfect for me. Preppy, but a little edge with its stitching and embroidered cuffs. I slipped it over my sweater and looked in the mirror. Never had a jacket been so wonderful. 

But then I checked the price tag. Eighty five dollars. God damn it. 

      I could spend this money on one jacket. One jacket. When I needed so many other things in my closet. I sighed and set it back down on the rack like an amateur shopping idiot. I told my mom that I wanted to look around more and make sure there wasn’t a better deal in another store. As soon as I left, it was a total mistake. 

     I didn’t find anything else in any other stores. By the time the mall was closing, I ran back into Anthro and the jacket was gone. I literally wanted to cry. There were no other blazers for sale. No royal blue beauties hiding behind elaborate patterns. This was two years ago and I still wish for this piece in my wardrobe. Because the other shit I got that day was sold on Ebay a year ago. 

Poor missing blue blazer. I abandoned you. And the whole point of this post and this blog, is so I can share these slightly pointless posts with you. Hihi! Oh wait there is another moral in here! “Dont give up what you have for what you think you might find” or something cheesy and impersonal of that sort, in which no one ever puts into perspective until AFTER losing a perfect item.