8eeaf3752e1af89ae5dd1385d4a0739d952db264After a short yet metaphorically plastered reunion with my other half, we decided to experiment with our new found baby and above are the results. I can’t express how delighted I am to have invested in something worthwhile and out of my own pocket.

If you are curious to know what happened before and after this spontaneous photoshoot clickhere!

Above, I am sporting a white jumper from Forever. I can’t get enough of jumpers. I dug through a number of them before finding the perfect material and I have to say that my wallet was much happier with this purchase over the same jumper from Brandy Melville.

Just when I thought my maxi skirt purchasing days were over, I also copped that pink chiffon one from Urban. It was on sale for $40 but I had a stroke of luck and happened to stroll in during a half off sale throughout the store, so why not? It’ll be the perfect transition piece for spring too.

I’m sure this outfit looks nothing close to warm, especially for a So Cal Christmas, but my secret is LAYERS; 9 of them.

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and if you have time to spare, take a look at our newly refurbishedpage to ring in the new year and to mark our stronger comeback.

Au revoir.