I love this little "dress" I picked up at Marshalls a few months back. I actually snapped it up at a Marshalls in Biloxi, MS when I was there. I put the word dress in quotes, because I think it's actually bordering tunic length thanks to my amazon-ness (I'm 5'9). This is where tights save the day.


Anyway, I fell in love with the horse print. It kinda reminds me of the throwback circa' 2001 Chloe collection that featured a horse print. Even Carrie in Sex and The City wore one of the dresses on the show--just in case you needed confirmation of its coolness. I still check eBay from time-to-time to see if anyone has any of the horse print Chloe pieces for sale...but to no avail. I guess people are still loving those wears. Ah well.

Denim jacket: Old Navy | Dress: Marshalls | Tights: Target | Boots: DSW(old)

So what do you all think of the "new" animal prints? I've seen birds, kittens, foxes, etc. I have to say, I'm loving it.