I love date nights. I don't care if you've been dating or been married for a week, six months, or 10 years. Date nights are not only fun, they're crucial to keeping a relationship fresh.

Also, who says that just because you're married that you'll never go on dates again? Not true. I've been married almost eight months now and my husband and I look forward to date nights all the time.

But you know what I REALLY look forward to about date nights? Getting dressed up and surprising my husband with a snazzy "date night look." The look on his face when I walk down the stairs for a date night NEVER gets old.

Sure, there are some dates when jeans and a nice tee will work, but other times? Other times I just wanna go classic. And that's where my LBD comes in.


And when I wanna bust out my LBD, I love going to my trusty "Audrey" dress as I like to call it. And that's cause I feel like Audrey Hepburn when I wear it.


And one of the things I love about this classic LBD so much is that it's a blank canvas. I can have fun with it and make it feel different and new EVERY time I wear it - and that's just by switching up my necklace:


...or tossing in a fun new bag!


Regardless, date nights are the most fun because it's all about impressing the one you love most!

What do YOU love wearing on a date night?

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