Did you know that during the winter months, your skin’s moisture levels — take a serious beating? Well lovelies, old man winter is here — based on the frigid temps we’ve endured as of lately, and I am here to help you to winterize your skincare routine — which should be hydration-focused! That is – you should be replenishing your bodies, with extra hydration-based products, which are vital for the prevention of ugly, itchy, irritated and dry skin — and I know we all hate that!

Contained within, is a chic tutorial — to help you hydrate your body’s largest organ (your skin) — from head-to-toe:

For Hands & Feet:
These two — often prove to be the driest part of your body! Extra care — in this department is key. Opt-in for moisturizers — containing essential oils, as they really seep into the skin.

There are great overnight moisture socks/gloves made from a blend between a special cotton and spandex and are perfect for dry hands/feet. To use, add your favorite thick lotion to your hands/feet and put on the gloves and socks to lock in the moisture. Keep it on for a few hours, probably best right before bed, to allow the cream to really penetrate the skin. You’ll wake up with super soft hands and feet!”

Body Bliss:
Winter can really drain the body of it’s essentials (dehydration) — and unfortunately, it is not only felt — but noticeable as well.

After showering, try adding a body butter all over your skin to really give the ultimate moisture treatment. If you can, try to wait a few minutes before getting dressed for the body butter to absorb to prevent a sticky feeling.”

Flawless Face:
Does your face feel a bit more flaky or tighter than usual? Then you really should switch your moisturizer. Creams that have soothing ingredients like aloe or rose if you have sensitive skin so it can really reduce redness.

There are also great hydrating serums that you can add to your routine to pamper the skin and give it an extra layer of moisture. If you have oily skin and don’t really like thick moisturizers, try adding a few drops of argon or jojoba oil to your regular creams. This will give your skin a little extra moisture kick without overdoing it.

All skin types should be sure to take extra care to replenish their skin at night. Your skin does most of its repair and regeneration while you sleep, so adding a moisturizing and nutrient-filled night cream to your regimen will be a special treat for your dehydrated cells! Also remember to exfoliate at least once or twice a week to control flakes.”

Heavenly Hydration:
Neydharting Moor skincare range (for instance) — are specifically made using the “peat and peat water” found in the botanical and nutrient-rich Neydharting Moor in the beautiful Austria. It is combined with advanced peptides, as well as a unique composition of the Moor products — which have “proven” anti-aging and healing properties.

Neyharting Moor Therapeutic Facial Mud Mask

To give skin an extra moisture surge, try a Neydharting Peat Facial. The procedure uses the Therapeutic Facial Mud Mask, which contains high levels of peat and starts tingling as your face starts to heat up. Because of the mud’s healing, balancing and regenerating properties, your skin will appear more plump and moisturized.”

Nature’s Elixir:
The number one tip for all skin types — is of course — to drink more water! Water keeps the body much more supple and hydrated from the inside.

Increasing your water dose will really improve the moisture levels in your skin and is essential throughout all the seasons of the year!”

Neyharting Moor Peat Facial