Normally, I dread Fall due to the chilly weather and to my inability to stay warm. Mornings are starting to get colder here in New Jersey, and at night the temperature dips into the 50s. You'd think I'd like fall since I'm born in November... 



What Jen's Wearing:
Cut-Out Collar Top -
Neon Floral Print Skirt -
Platform Mary Janes - Forever 21
Kaleigh Vanston Striped Handbag - Kate Spade New York
Pink Leather Bracelet - Gap
Jade Bracelet - purchased in Chinatown, NYC

But the disdain I once held for the chillier months has taken a turn toward fondness. Moving in January kick-started a lot of positive things in my life. I needed a change of scenery, and while in the beginning I was scared to move to a town where I knew no one, and away from all of my family and friends, I've grown to love my new home. 

I had a cheesy moment Sunday afternoon while I was walking Harley. No one was around, and it was completely quiet on my walk... and I was able to kind of just look around and take it all in. My first Fall in a town other than the one I grew up in since I was a child. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.



Sure, it's just a another season, and many more will come. But I feel like perhaps this year will be a little different. So many good things have happened to me this year that I'm very thankful for. I'm absolutely a dreamer, and hopefully, all the dreaming I've been doing will pay off.

And it doesn't hurt if you have clothes that you love on while spacing out...