Good Morning Dools,

How are you? This week is flying by...Could someone stop time please!! A special post today...Tuesday was my husband's Birthday and we decided to celebrate with a little special treat. A dinner date and a "Totem" Show! Since Cirque de Soleil is in town, we decided to watch the show as part of his birthday celebration.

I was very late arriving home from work on Tuesday(my real work... the one that pays the bills...LOL), so I did not have much time to think about what to wear. I only had 45 little minutes to shower, do my hair, make-up and choose my outfit!! I need to start to keep track of my time...maybe I will brake the world record for getting ready in the shortest time. So, I quickly decided to wear my black leather shorts with a sequin shirt (it almost looked like the Copacabana sidewalks...LOL), and I added my new Michael Kors pumps! Since I knew that the restaurant was by the water, I also had my tuxedo blazer with me. Silver accessories completed the look!
Thanks for reading!