Our challenge last week for Fashion Canada Style Panel was to show how we can make a 90's look work for right now. I noticed quite a few people sat that one out, so perhaps many of you are of the mindset that it actually can't be done. 90's is 90's and it wasn't necessarily good. However, if I look back through my outfits on Instagram the past few months, it's clear to me that I have subconsciously embraced the grunge vibe. To keep it of the moment, and avoid being overly literal in my interpretation (which is #notchic) I mixed in athletic elements and kept it all in black and white, two other trends that seem to be having a moment as well.
I went with a graphic tee, beanie, and these great pants that reminded me of my once coveted Adidas tear-aways. You could also add more layers like an open plaid shirt as long as they are thin. This can get messy fast, so make sure other details are more feminine and polished like your hair, makeup, nails and jewelry. Anyone want to meet me at recess to play Pogs for keeps?

| beanie - Aritzia | jacket and pants- Joe Fresh | t-shirt and boots - H&M | necklace - Ell & Emm | bracelet - Stella and Dot |