Shoes are a powerful accessory that can make or break an outfit. They can take plain jeans from daytime to night-time. Boots can cozy up a summer dress for winter or add a little glamour to a plain jane ensemble. There are so many options except for one thing: Heel height and price.

 The lower heels tend to be Designer like JCrew or Manolo Blanik's. The knockoff's at Target and Forever 21 are good-looking but have a higher heel height at 4 and 5 inches plus. While I can walk for a short time in 4 inch heels-I can't run a days' errands with two kids on four inch heels.

I set out on a hunt for comfy, stylish and low heels.. It was a lot of  hard work with a 3 hours mall trip and hours online but I found an unexpected great resource for inexpensive and stylish low heels:  JCP! I had not shopped there in YEARS because their merchandise had gone down hill lacking style and current trends.They have acquired a new CEO and he has been working hard to re-vamp the store in their sales approach and merchandise.

 WOW, did they have great things! Ton's of heels and great bags-all at very very affordable prices. So without further adieu,  I have recreated an Olioboard with some great heels for moms-on-the-go!


1. Pointy Toe Snake Skin: $28
2. Nude Shoe and Gold Cap Toe $28
3. Black Pump $35
4. Black Bootie $21
5. Gold Pump $35
6. Purple Pump $37
7. Black with Gold Cap Toe $28
8. Pink Cap Toe  $35 (I own these ones and LOVE THEM...seen here)

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