But first, what's a TWA? It means teeny weeny afro.. or basically shorter hair! If you can safely say your hair isn't yet touch your shoulders or for that matter brushing your ears or past it, you're rocking the TWA!

Having natural hair comes in phases. For some of us there is the transition, for some we’re dealing with medium length hair that doesn’t past the arm pits, for some it’s learning to handle all that hair, because it’s so super long…but still there are those, like myself that have the TWA (teeny weeny afro, see morehair definitions here). Our hair is super short, but there are still things to be mindful of.


Let’s talk 7 tips for the TWA.

1. Moisturize Daily

Moisture is key in hair growth. You can’t expect hair to grow that has never been wanted. Think of your hair as a plant fiber, if that plant isn’t watered, it’s not growing..same with our hair. It needs some moisture. Good sources are water, aloe vera juice, or you can see some suggestions here. Also note that, while the TWA is the shortest hair of the bunch, it’s actually the most dry. The moisture dissipates very quickly, and therefore we need to moisturize daily to make sure our tresses are feeling supple.

2. You Still Need to Protect the ends!

So yes, the main thing about having a TWA is not worrying about it brushing against the collar of our shirts, or brushing against rough materials, but friends, let’s face it…we ALL sleep! At night, a TWA rocker can do so much damage. If you’re sleeping without protecting your hair, watch out! You’ll soon see serious damage. Point is, even though our hair is very short, we must keep it protected to keep the longevity of it. See my post on protecting the hair at nights

3. Co-Wash and Clarify Washes

No matter what you do, you must cleanse your scalp and your hair. If you opt to do co-washes, then be sure to know you will also need to clarify wash once in a while. Co-washing is great for the TWA because it can be a good source of moisture washing for the hair. But without caution and with too much over-use of conditioners, you can experience build up. Build up on the scalp is never good. So clarify the muck by using a sulfate free shampoo or you can try an ACV rinse. Check out how I wash my TWA

4. It can be Styled!!

This is one of the TOP complaints/topics I get in regards to TWA. People assume short hair means no style…huh? Says who? Last I checked, once there is hair, there is an opportunity to style! I recently posted on some styles you can do if you have a TWA. Don’t ever limit yourself because your hair is super short. Modify a style to meet your needs and make it work for you!

5. Accessorize It!!

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make a TWA pop is by using accessories. Headbands, bows, clips, scarves, ribbons you name it. Go out and find the accessory lover in you, and add spice to your hairstyles. Even the most frizziest messiest twist-out can look amazing when you add the right piece to it. ;)

6. It will grow it youtreat it right

Yup, everything comes down to good TLC..if you’re not loving your hair, you think it will love itself? You’ve got to love your hair, despite the times when it gets rough. You have to treat it right. Treating it right means, being gentle, being patient and also investing quality time and practices to nurture good hair growth. Treat your hair to a nice deep treatment, see some awesome suggestions here and also here.

7. Enjoy the Easy Days

One reason I will ALWAYS love the TWA phase, is the ease and quickness of doing my hair. Enjoy this phase while it lasts. Jumping in the shower, washing and then moisturizing sealing and out the door. It’s lightning fast to do your hair, it’s easy to slap a clip in to jazz it up and then go! Once it gets longer, it requires more time, and more discipline. Try making the most of these days.

Well those are my 7 tips for now. The TWA phase is a beautiful one. Don’t be a in a rush to get out of it. Think of this time as preparation for when it gets super long!. Want some more reading, check out this awesome article on those who just got into having a TWA and how to make everyday a beautiful one with your hair!

Also check out this video I recorded a while back on maintaining my hair right after my 2nd big chop of Nov 2011…valuable information for short and long hair inside:

Video Link: http://youtu.be/muHumOBXH8A

xoxo Shae

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