If I told you once, I've told you twice shopping a men's store is the best way to find a man you would want to date. Oh, you never heard that? Well I am totally crushing on the well-dressed man lately. I was invited to the super secret opening of the new Jack Spade Chicago store. What? That is what the invite said, I wasn't supposed to tell anybody, *whispers* sorry!  I slipped my number to one of the mannequins. He was in the Jacobs Flannel Blazer and we were in business. Jack Spade has a collaboration with Barbour they have a few key pieces that will pull together the perfect urban explorer. 

The grey lightweight sweater, on the bottom left, is perfect for fall and my number 6 reason I would date Jack Spade. At $95 dollars it features a sweater exterior and t-shirt lining. The perfect thing for you and your new boo to cuddle up in on crisp fall nights. 

The brown shoes shown on the bottom right are my number 5 reason. Made from a horses ass, no really the leather is made from a horses ass, right here in Chicago at the legendary Horween Leathers. You wear cordovan you are my kind of guy! 

Reason 4 is he travel in style. I love this chocolate leather weekender bag so much. I wanted to scoop it up and jet off to a weekend trip after meeting it. Reason 3 is Jack Spade remembers all the details from a pocket square to great socks. Reason 2 is he is always ready to party and with the red Dolan chinos at $175. He could go right from the office to the drinks. 

My number 1 Reason I would date Jack Spade is he's rocking the Barbour Hopper Jacket. He looks like he's going hunting, but he's not! He has pulled together the entire look flawlessly and stolen my heart in the process. Thanks Jack, call me maybe...

Thanks to Megan at the Chicago Jack Spade store for introducing me to my new lover! 
And if any of you see Jack around tell him I said Hi, but like in a totally cool casual way.