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Getting ‘green’ glam – has been an ideal for centuries…but getting hip to the trend can be a snap! Here’s how:

1. Skin(care)

With a variety of skincare products available on the market – boasting with natural ingredients without harsh chemicals. And for this Goddess, I am truly grateful as I have sensitive/easy-to-irritate skin. Soothing ingredients like green tea, aloe vera, and chamomile — can really calm erupted skin. Acne/oily skin sufferers should look for ingredients with witch hazel or tea tree oil!

2. Makeup(care)

Did you know that your makeup contains some of the most pore clogging ingredients, that actually do more harm than good? If you have sensitive skin you should choose your products from a variety of cosmetic brands – that feature soothing minerals,allowing your skin to breathe, like The Body Shop (j’adore). I love mineral-based products – as they tend to look “more natural” for a “flawless natural Goddess look.”

3. Hair(care)

I always opt-in for any opportunity to make my own hair care treatments! Carol’s Daughter inspired me – as some of the greatest hair care treatments – are made right from YOUR own kitchen; all with simple ingredients, to help you create extraordinary “beauty experiments with benefits. ;) ” But, there’s nothing wrong with a quick Beauty Fixx and there’s plenty of green hair care products that offer ready-made beauty formulas – to save time. Dry/damaged hair? Look for conditioners with ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, honey, and other moisturizing agents – to perk up tresses. For limp hair — look for shampoos blended with peppermint oil as it can really boost hair volume and make scalp tingle.

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