I know, the exercise goal is a little cliché. I am not making a resolution that I will go to the gym everyday, I know that won't happen! I am making a goal to just go to the gym more this year. Whether if it is just for a short run or a 30 minute elliptical session, every little bit helps! 

Here are a few things I found that I think would be perfect for exercising more:

Helpful Apps:
MapMyRun: Find running maps and map your route
Yoga STRETCH: Create custom yoga sessions or use preloaded ones
Fitocracy: Social network that empowers and motivates you to reach your goals
Nike+ Running: Record your distance, pace, and time and sync to NikePlus.com
GymPact: Make a Pact of how many days you'll work out, set the Stakes of how much you'll pay if you don't, and check-in via GPS at the gym