left to right (click image to enlarge): berryessa suede flats, super molded flats, melbourne flats, lo pro full vamp canvas slip-ons, disney cars crocs, rain floe boots, all cast luxe duck boots, crosmesh ballet flats, melbourne flats.

me & my girlies rocking our crocs this summer!

as the year comes to a close, i just wanted to take a quick moment to thank crocs for their support & friendship this year. i was honored to have been chosen as a crocstyle insider this past year. but i have to admit that before our partnership, i was really only familiar with their old school clog style. and now…i’ve got my whole family singing crocs praises. at almost every outing, you can count on at least one of us sporting crocs. i also hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the way i’ve styled them over the last 6 months. they really are as comfortable as everyone says they are. promise. happy new year my friends!