Welcome to the land of questionable shoe choices. Or should I say the century? These deep purple velvet mules are from 1875 and have their origins in Europe. They feature heavy gold thread embroidery and a silk ruffle trim. The designer and exact country of origin are unknown to me. Apparently these were quiet stylish in the day, though in this day and age something like this would look like more of a heeled house slipper than a shoe to be worn outdoors.

Mules, like these were a popular type of indoor shoe. So they were a sort of house slipper, I suppose (read more about mules, here). They were very popular during the 18th Century and were originally inspired by the 16th Century "patten" shoe, which was a protective shoe worn over one's regular shoes, while outside. They appear to be mostly a stilt of sorts, to keep one's regular shoes high off the ground (read more pattens them here).

To be honest, these shoes have sort of grown on me over time and I think that if the heel was gone and you could wear them just as flats, they would be a very nice house slipper. They have a beautiful texture / design to them and the craftsmanship / workmanship seems great as well.

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xo, Jessica.

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