Ladies and gents … I am SO over Summer and I am SO ready for Fall. I am ready to swap my bikinis for my boots and my sundresses for my sweaters. While the temps haven’t cooled down enough to justify a wardrobe change just yet, I can start to transition my neon Summer polishes to rich Fall colors.

And what better place to decide what colors are totally in than Pantone? Folks, the 10 Pantone 2013 Fall colors are gorgeous, and I want them all on my nails. I have 10 fingers, and there are 10 colors. Dare I wear a different color on each nail? Dare I?! While I might not go too crazy, resorting to just one color at a time, I have found 10 nail polishes that match the Pantone 2013 Fall colors perfectly.

Pantone 2013

  1. Deborah Lippmann’s “Call Me Irresponsible” is a perfect match for Acai.
  2. Essie’s “Miami Nice” nicely matches Vivacious. Oh-so pun-y.
  3. Turbulence looks a lot like Prestige Cosmetics’ “Dove.”
  4. Orly’s “Green with Envy” goes just beautifully with Emerald.
  5. Deborah Lippmann’s “My Old Flame” looks sneakingly like Samba.
  6. Essie’s “Navigate Her” could pass as Linden Green any day.
  7. Koi and Zoya’s “Thandie” are more-or-less identical twins.
  8. OPI’s “Suzi Loves Cowboys” and Carafe are two peas in a pod.
  9. Mykonos Blue and Orly’s “True Blue” are just so matchy-matchy.
  10. Essie’s “Sew Psyched” is a total copy-cat of Deep Lichen Green.

It has taken all my self control to not order each and every one of these polishes as I was typing away on this post. My CVS is open 24 hours a day, so I might just scurry off to scour their shelves RIGHT THIS SECOND. And, while you’re painting your nails with all of these fabulous Pantone 2013 colors, don’t forget these five tips for painting your nails perfectly.

Have you started to get into the Fall fashion/beauty spirit?

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